Something to Consider!

Aug 29 , 2018

Mad Hat

Something to Consider!

Hi Everyone! 
I've been working hard on some premade logos over the past couple of weeks. Since I've had some questions about branding, I thought I'd offer a little insight (or unsolicited advice ;) ). As you know, branding yourself as an author is super important so readers recognize you by your name as well as your titles. It helps with swag, banners, and even a branding for the back of your books. It's a symbol that can be a constant through all of your work, which is helpful with how fast we move.
I had created premade logos in the past, but I came to realize how different everyone's styles were, so I wanted to add a new feature to the premade process. I've added in several color swatches for you to choose from to go with any of the new premade logos I've designed. 
If you don't currently have branding for your name, now's the time to see if something fits your style and taste. Let me know if you have any questions! 
Also, September is just about half full for service bookings, so if you are planning a release soon, make sure to book your spot since fall is usually a busy time of year in the publishing world.
Thank you!

Once a premade logo has been purchased, it will be marked as sold and will not be sold again regardless of the color swatch.




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