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**IMPORTANT ** Createspace and Kindle Direct Publishing are Merging

If you previously published your print cover with Createspace, you're going to be prompted to re-upload through Kindle Direct Publishing soon since they're merging (article here).

Some covers will upload without any problem, but some do snag on the minor template difference with KDP's bleedlines, as well as barcode location (which is elevated slightly higher than on the Createspace template. If you need assistance with updating your covers, please let us know.

Due to the amount of clients already requesting this service, there will be a small fee to accommodate. Please make sure to book your service request here.

Please note that any client file that is not in your Google Drive folder (easily searchable) was archived twelve months after the project was completed. To retrieve old files, there is a retrieval fee of $15.00, but the fee will be waved if a cover needs to be updated for this situation.

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Award Winning Designs

A cover should not tell your story, but it should invite readers by giving them a taste of the amazing words inside. As an author with a clear view on the inside and outside of a book, I strive to create unique designs that custom fit each story to represent the intended emotions from within the book.


Shari with Mad Hat books is sheer magic, she was able to recreate the feel that my co-writing partner Elizabeth Hayes and I had for our book Finding Salvation. The girls on the swings is such an integral part of the story and she captured it perfectly for our cover. So much so that when I wanted to recover my book Can't Walk Away for it's re-release I went straight to Shari who hooked me up with something gorgeous. I <3 Shari.. trust her to make your book cover dreams come true.

Ashlee Taylor

The amazing cover art for #TheDarcyMonologues is the genius of Shari Ryan of MadHat Books. She took the cover concept and created exactly as I envisioned. Shari professionally, quickly, and concisely handled my countless questions, suggestions, and “just one more tweak” in the demanding format of the print interior—even had a special script code written to make it happen. 

Christina Boyd

Finding Shari Ryan of MadHatBooks was serendipitous. Having launched my debut novel in January 2017, the cover I'd had designed just didn't seem to be hitting the right spot. I contacted Shari and straight away she could visualise the ideas I'd started to form in my own mind and then she went on to produce a fabulous concept. The overall design is outstanding.  ... Shari is super nice and professional and working with her was a joy. I would wholeheartedly recommend Shari and I will be using her services again. 

Tina-Marie Miller